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Archive for April 21st 2008

Stumptown and Page 103!

Page 103 of Family Man now online! (permalink)
Whew. Just under the line, there. Well, it's on time for West Coast time anyway. Sorry East Coast and Europe, your academic intrigue is slightly late!Anyway, that's about it for the scholastic yakkity yak. Soon there will be more girls and foreshadowing!--

As previously mentioned, I'll be at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR this weekend! Oh, how I will be there.

Not only will I be tabling, I'll also be moderating the Periscope Studio panel and participating in the Comic Art Battle. Also giving away Family Man postcards, selling some pendants (if I can scrape up the time to make some!), t-shirts, sketches, minicomics, and just generally running around like a crazy person. Come say hi!

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18th Century, Meet 21st Century

Check it out, kids! Family Man finally has its own damn URL: LutherLevy.com! (familymancomic.com will also be up and running in a couple of months.)

It's insane that it took me this long, but printing 1000 free giveaway promo postcards for Stumptown is a good motivation to get a nice short address.

That's the URL for the homepage, not the straight-up WCN archive; call me old-fashioned, but I do like having a formal front door, and having that URL be the easier one seems like a better way to make sure that people come in gracefully.

Meanwhile, there are now probably two or three nice black dudes named Luther Levy who will now be very confused when they ego-surf on Google. Sorry, guys! Feel free to pay me thousands of dollars to give up the domain name.

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Page 101 now online!

A few new things - a bit of overdue tidying and convenience-adding on the comic's WCN home.

And Rector Nolte is up in the cast room; and, for those of you who missed it last week, the first episode of the podcast is online.

Next week:  notes!  And oh what notes there will be!

Aaaaand, for those of you in the Portland area, some of my art will be up for First Thursday at City Hall, courtesy Commissioner Sam Adams.  Thursday, 5-7pm, City Hall on SW 4th Ave!  Free beer, free music, free roaming around a seat of government, and lotsa cartoons on the walls.

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