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Autumnal Offering

A quick but punchy autumnal podcast!  In which we discuss Sherlock Holmes, religious upbringing, dolphin impressions, and Luther's nose.  I probably ended up re-answering a lot of previous questions - sorry about that, but it's been so long since the last one that you don't remember them from the first time, right?  Right.

This just about finishes off the original round of questions (geez), and I'm collecting new ones, so feel free to submit!  Given recent events in the comic, I can only imagine what new frustrations I've bred in you.

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  • Lynn

    Hi Dylan! I have a question.

    In this podcast episode, you emphasized that Family Man could basically be seen as an alternative universe to Bite Me (but you reserve the right to change this at any time, etc). I was wondering, then, why you chose to carry the same characters from Bite Me on to Family Man, instead of creating whole new characters. Was there a reason behind this?

    Love the great job you’re doing, and incredible artness!

    Nov 7, 2008 at 6:09 pm
  • T.M Lahti

    Greetings, lovely lady. Just to make this world slightly more interesting and interacting - I thought of making a small sound, so that you know of people who are listening to your Podcasts.

    This time you have reached a pair of ears in Finland. It is very grey here at the moment and birches are naked due to autumn. It is very nice and depressing - fine day for writing and working and gazing.

    I’ve been enjoying your pages and wavy way of words with morning coffee and just admired the way how Family Man has a good grip. You have a fine flow.

    As I’m always interested in the surroundings and things that inspire and affect storyteller’s work; I have two questions for you, yes!

    Here they are - 1. Does the characters that you create have their counterparts in real life near you? 2. Do you mirror yourself with your work? If not - what do you see now..

    Thank you for the pages and fascinating noses!


    Nov 14, 2008 at 8:04 am